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Preserve and Protect
the Lake

Iconic Lake Pinehurst provides LPA members with year-round natural beauty, varied recreational and social opportunities, wildlife habitat and more. In addition to being an irrigation source for the nearby golf courses, the Lake sustains and nourishes the surrounding ecosystem. But it is a fragile resource, and the LPA is proud to partner with Pinehurst Country Club (which owns the Lake), the Village of Pinehurst (which owns and maintains the roadway infrastructure around the Lake and oversees building and development activities within the Village) and Moore County (which owns and maintains the sewer and water infrastructure serving the neighborhoods around the Lake). Together, we work to maintain, preserve, and protect Lake Pinehurst for everyone’s benefit.

In any given year, the LPA and its members participate in the following:

  • Participate in the annual Hydrilla-control program. Hydrilla is an invasive plant that, left untreated, could carpet the lake surface.  Each year, lakefront property owners are asked to contribute to underwrite the cost of seasonal weed treatment and eradication. The great majority of homeowners participate, and their contributions are matched by PCC. The treatment is non-toxic to humans, waterfowl, and aquatic life. Hydrilla is also controlled by the periodic introduction of sterile, weed-eating carp into the Lake.   (for an appreciation of how serious the condition was - and could be - click here to read a historical document and view photos of the infestation).

  • Monitor the Lake Pinehurst Dam, including an annual drone “flyover” to compare current conditions to previous years. Identify areas of potential deterioration or stress, and report to the appropriate parties (PCC, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, etc.)

  • Collaborate with PCC to create and circulate rules and regulations governing use of the Lake, which is open only to PCC members and their guests. Important rules include: (i) boats may be powered only by electric motors and must generally be operated at “no-wake” speed; and (ii) shore fishing is permitted only from the shoreline of one’s own residence, or in areas designated by PCC. The complete set of rules governing Lake usage is accessible here

  • Collaborate with Moore County to monitor water quality, identify and remediate any contamination of the Lake. Monitor Moore County and PCC water quality tests, and in an appropriate case conduct independent testing of our own.  The LPA and its members were active in advocating with Moore County to design and construct a relief sewer line from the Lake Hills pump station to Beulah Hill Road which should enhance the entire lake-area sanitary sewer system.

  • Collaborate with the Village of Pinehurst regarding issues Lake Pinehurst area residences, including noise, stormwater runoff from construction activities, etc. A helpful link to the services provided by the Village, together with contact information for the departments responsible, is accessible here. In addition, our government representative serves on the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. The NAC includes representatives from all of Pinehurst’s neighborhoods, and provides a place to raise questions and concerns with Village officials, to hear from them about upcoming events, projects, etc.

Enjoying the Lake!



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